I’m always a bit surprised when people say “I WOULD NEVER PAY TO FIND A RELATIONSHIP” or “I DON’T HAVE TO PAY TO FIND A MAN.”  Those people fixate on the putting out of money and not what they are getting for the money.  Our clients see the service being provided and the value of that service.  It is an investment however isn’t your relationship/partner something worth investing in?

When you join Misty River Introductions you know the people you are meeting have also invested the same amount.  Both the men and women are spending their hard-earned money to join.  What you can’t take away from that is that everyone is on an even playing field and they are serious about the process.

The people who join Misty River Introductions are committed to finding a serious relationship whatever form that may ultimately take.  So, in a way the cost acts as an insurance policy against people wasting your time or you having to question someone’s motives/intentions. Anyone can download a free APP on a lonely Saturday night and kill a couple of hours misleading people for their own amusement.  Then they can just as easily delete it first thing Sunday morning when they are no longer bored.  

The money people pay to join a matchmaking service is also a qualifier, rather than meeting people who are looking for a quick hook-up or someone dating for dinners, you’re meeting people that have homes, jobs, cars or are successfully retired.  If that wasn’t enough to justify the cost, you also have a team working with you and on your behalf throughout this journey.  

As the Matchmaker I’ve met you and gone over what you are looking for and what is important to you. But over time you will get to know your liaison in the office, and they will get to know you. This process will provide you with better matches. They can provide you with information and insight that you would otherwise not know about if you were trusting the people that approach you in the normal course of life. 

All Feedback or concerns you express to one team member are shared amongst the whole team.  It all leads to a more tailored matching experience.  This will in turn lead to getting you successfully matched quicker.

One last thing to remember… free is not always better.  To go back to the “unemployed and waiting for someone to come offer you a job”… it would be great, but what are the chances you would actually want the job you were miraculously offered.