This includes up to 12 in-person meetings. (Telephone conversations do not count as ‘meetings’) This package includes a 6 month hold period, where clients can put their file ‘on hold’ for up to a period of 6 months as many times as they require. Once the client reactivates their file they must be available to be actively matched with new prospective matches. Additional cost for photos is billed separately.

This package includes up to 12 in-person meetings and all photos of prospective matches at no charge as well as an extended hold period of one year. (Telephone conversations do not count as ‘meetings’) This package allows the client an extra 6 months (1 year total hold period) to explore whether or not a relationship is going to work out in the long term.

Our deluxe package includes unlimited matches and all photos of prospective matches at no charge as well as an unlimited hold period. Upon receipt of your registration we will contact you by phone, or if you prefer, by mail and arrange your first introduction.


  • Ideally Linda Miller or a representative would meet with each client to have an in person interview. If, however the client prefers, registration can be done by mail, phone, email or fax.

  • The required information can be initially taken over the phone.

  • An application will be sent to you in the mail, or you can click here to download it now or click here to fill out our online registration form.

  • Photocopy two pieces of I.D. (Include an accurate, recent photograph (for internal use only) – it is not shown to any prospective matches except in cases where permission is given.)

  • Payment may be made by cheque, VISA Mastercard, interac e-transfer or money order.

  • Completed form, required document copies, and payment can be returned to:

    Misty River Introductions
    Box 325
    Carleton Place, Ontario
    K7C 3P4


Once we have received the information, we will go through our files and search for someone we feel you might like. Linda does most of our matching and has been exceedingly successful. Her work has resulted in a great number of delighted couples. ~ Matches are made with the help of the information provided on the application form, your photograph and the experience of our staff.

What kind of factors go into making a match?

Unless you specify otherwise we match within an hours radius of where you live.  If you live in an extremely isolated area (ie: Northern Ontario) we may have to go further afield for the right match.  When Linda interviews you she will discuss the demographics of where you live and what you can expect for radius of matches and travel time. Although we strive to give our clients the best match on a regular basis we are governed by what is available each week. We aren’t cracking people out of moulds in the basement and although often times “perfect matches” are available, sometimes that elusive chemistry fails to ignite.  Conversely there may be someone who turns out be the one who has most, but not all of your requirements !

How long can I expect the process to take?

If you join the service you can expect your first referral to take place within a week of joining. The first week or two we are trying to get to know you, see if you have “a type”, what attracts you and what doesn’t. Most weeks you will have a match but you can also go for short periods that you won’t be matched depending on how long your list of criteria is. Linda can tell you during the interview process how often you will have matches. Some weeks you may not want a match because you are exploring a relationship, busy with work or traveling.


Once a prospective match has been found, we inform you about that person (and inform that person about you).

  • If you are both interested you will agree to meet.

  • In most cases, the woman prefers to make the initial call to her chosen match. She can give out her telephone number when she feels comfortable doing so.


After meeting, please contact us to update us on your situation: ~  Do you wish to continue with other matches? ~  Do you want to put your file “on hold” while you pursue the possibility of a relationship with a person that you have met through our service? Your file can be put “on hold” for up to twelve (12) months at a time without invalidating our contract.


If you have met twelve (12) people through our service, and wish to continue meeting others, your membership can be renewed. There is no time limit to your twelve introductions – continue as long as it takes for us to find twelve people you would like to meet.


Our Packages

Package A and B guarantees twelve “in person” meetings.  Phone conversations and photo requests/viewing are not considered a “meeting” until you actually meet face-to-face.  The price of photos are not included in Package A, but can be purchased at an additional cost.  Package B includes the photos of your prospective matches at no additional cost and has an extended hold period.  Package C gives you unlimited meetings, an unlimited hold period and includes all photos of your prospective matches.

What does the “hold” period mean?

The hold period does not refer to the length of your membership… you receive twelve meetings if you choose Package A or B.  The hold period refers to the amount of time your file can be on hold consecutively without invalidating your membership.  It is not cumulative.  Should your file remain on hold any longer than your “hold period” at one given time consecutively, your file would be completed.

So… which package is right for me?

I always tell people to consider their dating history and present circumstances.  Do you have children living at home?  This means you’re dating for more than just you… the person has to be right for everyone in your family.  Sometimes it takes a while to see if the compatibility is there.  Have you dated people for more than a year and it hasn’t worked out?  Or, do you feel that a year to 6 months is long enough for you to decide if they’re the “one”.  Are you extremely visual and find it important to see a picture of anyone you might be interested in before making a decision to meet?  You should consider these kinds of questions before making a decision on a package.  Keep in mind, financing arrangements can be made to suit any budget,  but the full amount is payable even if you meet someone after just one match.

 Pictures… How important are they?

Your photo doesn’t necessarily have to be a head shot.  A lot of clients provide us with photos of themselves doing something they enjoy, such as standing beside their canoe, dressed up for a wedding, etc.  We do discourage ball caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sunglasses.  Remember… you’re being matched with attractive, well-dressed people and you want them to be attracted to you for the same reasons.  If you do not have a recent photo you wish to use, Linda can take your picture during your interview, free of charge.  We recommend that men wear a collared shirt in a solid colour.  Prints, patterns and plaids do not photograph well.

What happens after I join?

You must call on the first Thursday after you join to hear your first match.  If you are interested in the individual, you can then request a photo to be sent by regular mail or email.  Feedback is necessary and crucial to our success.  We build and accumulate information based on your feedback as we go.  You will be automatically matched the first two weeks after you join.  From that point on, you are required to call or email us if you wish to be on the list.  If you don’t call, we assume you do not want to be matched.