As a matchmaker for the past 26 years, I’m very aware of current trends in the dating scene.

Like many business owners, I was worried about how the COVID lockdowns would affect my business.  What I observed over the last year was not only interesting but also a welcoming phenomenon.

As people moved away from meeting in person immediately after receiving contact information for their matches, a kinder, gentler courtship ensued.  Everyone had to work a little harder, spend a little more time getting to know each other and make more of an effort to court, charm and disarm.

I don’t think we’re going back to the Victorian times, but it was a nice change from swipe left, swipe right mentality.

I had one young guy who was potentially going to meet his match the weekend of March 8th, 2020.  Unfortunately, he already had plans and by the time they were able to have a phone conversation we were already in lockdown.  They had to stay distant as he had older parents, who were immune compromised, that he was supporting through the crisis.

Jack wooed Susan by sharing recipes that they cooked together virtually with their laptops on their kitchen islands. He would drop off a wine that paired well and they cooked and dined together. It’s nice to date a foodie apparently!

In June when restrictions eased, I got a call from Jack who was clearly stressed.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said, he had gotten to know Susan and fallen in love and felt she was his soul mate, and he could tell her anything. I thought that was great and asked what the problem was. He was worried that never having actually met her, what would happen if he didn’t feel the same way “in person”. Luckily, their love was true and they’re still together a year later and incredibly happy.

Apparently, courtship is alive and well in Kitchener Ontario!