The longer I’ve worked as a matchmaker the more stories I have about people looking for love.

I was in a dress shop in Toronto with a friend 6 months ago. While I was on the phone I noticed a woman who looked vaguely familiar looking at me. When I got off the phone, she asked me “are you Linda Miller, the matchmaker who owns Misty River Introductions.” As soon as she started talking, I instantly knew who she was.

She said, “I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Rodney.”

Rodney had been a career diplomat and after travelling the world for decades he and his wife settled in a lovely home in the Beaches in Toronto. Within months, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and died. Here he was alone in a new neighbourhood that he knew very little about. After a year or so, he joined our matchmaking service hoping that with the help of a trained professional he could find someone special to spend time with.

I apologized that it had taken so long to find her match. She smiled and waved her hand at me and said “as I told you when I joined, it would have to been someone exceptional for me to bother changing my life, and Rodney is exceptional. We have an amazing life together and I’m so glad I gave Misty River Introductions a try.”