A day in the Life of a Matachmaker

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MATCHMAKER When at parties and social gatherings I tend to have a lot of people interested in what I do as a matchmaker. Having worked as one for the last 26 years I wear a lot of hats. My first order of business is to screen the people […]

Dating Rules and When to Break Them

DATING RULES AND WHEN TO BREAK THEM Matchmakers usually have a set of rules we would like you to follow.  These are for your benefit.  Meet in a public place, arrange your own transportation, and don’t have people over until you get to know them.  These rules are especially important for you to follow because […]

Has COVID Changed Dating for the Better?

HAS COVID CHANGED DATING FOR THE BETTER? As a matchmaker for the past 26 years, I’m very aware of current trends in the dating scene. Like many business owners, I was worried about how the COVID lockdowns would affect my business.  What I observed over the last year was not only interesting but also a […]

How to spot trouble in the early stages of dating

HOW TO SPOT TROUBLE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF DATING I recently had a lovely women join Misty River Introductions.  As a professional matchmaker I always use caution when bringing up the sometimes-sensitive subject of past relationships.  I feel it can really help me get a feel for the type of person someone is attracted […]

Dating during COVID

DATING DURING COVID One of the most often asked questions these days when someone new calls us at Misty River Introductions is “how are you handling dating during COVID?” The irony is that dating services are up by some estimates 300%! At Misty River instead of our usual face to face consultations we are now […]


During the first wave of COVID, I heard many innovative dating stories that lead to loving relationships. One of my favourites involved Veronica who met David at a Tim Horton’s parking lot.  They happened to be a couple in their late 70’s and were understandably concerned about keeping safe during this unusual time. Veronica had […]

Dating during COVID

DATING DURING COVID One of the most common questions I’ve been getting these days is, “Is it worth dating right now with everybody self-isolating and social distancing?” Surprisingly, we are busier than ever!  With everything going on, we’ve still managed to complete many happy matches. I think it’s important to develop an emotional connection with […]

Dating with Children

DATING WITH CHILDREN – WHY CAN IT BE SO TOUGH? Being in a new relationship is so exciting. It makes your heartbeat faster, the sky seems bluer and the stars shine brighter. But, dating with children can be a challenge. There’s the coordinating of babysitters, the confusion of when it’s appropriate to introduce a new […]

What do we think about Instant Chemistry?

WHAT DO WE THINK ABOUT INSTANT CHEMISTRY? Recently I had a couple that I had matched get together and claim to have instant chemistry. They met at a dog park and he said the instant she got out of the car he was smitten.They spent the afternoon together with their dogs and then went on […]

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