NEWS     February 14, 2001

Knack for matchmaking becomes a career for entrepreneur


If you’re looking for love, Linda Miller is in business to help. As the owner of Misty River Introductions, a matchmak­ing service based out of Carleton Place near Ottawa, Miller travels the province meeting people that she hopes to match for marriage or long-term relationships.
  As a matchmaker, Miller interviews all her clients and decides who would make the best couples. Although not everyone is looking to tie the knot, many older individuals in their 60s or 70s are seeking someone they can spend time


with, Miller said. 
      With Valentine’s Day, Miller said her office gets busier as people begin to plan for their romantic future, Valentines Day also has people realizing they’re not with someone and they want to change their situation for next year, she said.
   Last weekend, Miller was interviewing potential clients in the Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener areas, This region alone has roughly 1,500 clients and last year about 100 couples married with her help.
“It’s very rewarding,” Miller said, It’s particularly satisfying helping older people find a companion. Often they were married a long time


and then widowed.
   “You don’t have to be 20 to be in love, It’s available to anybody,” she said.
   Miller said signing up for her service can be a hard decision, but her clients are meeting people that fit their expectations.
   Like any relationship, clients still have to make it work, it doesn’t just hap­pen, she added. “Everybody is nervous and they have doubts.”
But she’s discovered there is a need for the service her company provides. People don’t have enough time at the end of their day to spend it looking for the perfect person. Yet, looking for a companion is similar to looking for a job, Miller said.

“You won’t sit in the house and wait for someone to knock and say: ‘Come work for me.’ Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is the same thing.”
   Matchmaking doesn’t take the romance out the picture, she said. “Often times, people still need a spark and when there’s a spark, it’s romantic.”

To contact Misty River Introductions, call 519-658-4204. It costs $550.