06 Jun Why You Should Never Chase Someone Who Isn’t Responding

Matchmaking single people over the last couple of decades has made me realize that you can waste many years loving the wrong person.

People act like they’re helpless when it comes to being in a dead end, one sided relationship.

Stop it

Delete their number, change jobs, move cities, and don’t socialize with their friends and family. I know this sounds harsh but you need to decide being in a good relationship is more important that using these things as an excuse to be in a bad one.

People who don’t make time for you and what is important to you in their lives are being very clear about their intentions and commitment. As human beings we are always optimistic and hopeful that people we form an attachment to will come to see our desirable qualities over time and will change their minds. Lingering in one of these relationships is demoralizing when you see them dating and pursuing other people as they keep you on the back burner.

Everyone deserves a partner who will adore and value them

What constitutes this?

  • Respect
  • Making time for you friends and family in their life.
  • Caring about your well-being. ex. Calling to make sure you get home safely
  • Including you in their long term plans
  • Listening thoughtfully
  • Putting your needs first from time to time.

What constitutes a bad relationship?

  • Long periods of time between contact (a week)
  • Lack of desire to meet family and friends
  • No plans for the future. Avoids making plans.
  • Claims to have no interest in a relationship/marriage
  • Constantly breaking dates, changing plans, last minute calls for hook-ups
    • Often only calls back from a message, rarely answers when you call
  • Talks about other women/men

If you are honest and are in one of these relationships you will recognize the signs. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. The key is to realize it quickly and move on. Love is worth waiting for. By choosing Misty River Introductions as your matchmaker, you choose a professional and trusted match pairing service!