Sitting at the kids table again? Yup even though your not five, married people assume you don’t mind being a supervisor for their badly behaved kids at the little table in the kitchen while they get quietly paved in the dining room on the turkey wine. After all shouldn’t you be grateful being the old maid you are to have contact with their little darlings?

The holiday brag letter from your married friends telling you about their trips to France with their adorable children, their new house with its fabulous granite kitchen, and their golden doodle who is the smartest dog ever!! The amazing promotion, first place finish in race weekend, hiking trip across the himilayas. Yeah, we got it. You’re great and we’re single and boring. With Misty River Introductions you could turn your single life and share it with someone you love with our matchmaking service!

The endless round of holiday parties where you will be expected to enjoy being told you’re “too picky” and asked why “you never seem to find someone, you seem so nice”? Makes you want to hire a date for the season.

Ok, yes being single is not the greatest during the holiday season but think of the pluses. You don’t have to think up a great gift for someone. You can relax on the couch in your underwear and eat ice cream right out of the container. You don’t have to put up with someone’s obnoxious family and annual Christmas drama. At Misty River Introductions you can be sure to find the person you’re looking for with our matchmaking services.