When I meet new people in the course of running my matchmaking business, they often site travelling alone as a reason for joining and looking for a new partner.  These days, just the price of the single supplement can be daunting.  It’s lovely to see new things but if you don’t have someone to share the experience with it’s definitely not the same.

I always say, you get to know someone really fast by going on trip with them.  That being said, it’s always better to spend some time getting know someone before taking the plunge of spending a week or more with your new “squeeze” hoping that you click while getting to know them on that overnight flight you booked or cross-country road trip you planned.

Have some ground rules in place before you take off.  Who is going to drive?  How are you going to split expenses?  How much alone time do you think you will need?  It’s better to talk these things over before you leave instead of waiting for the inevitable awkward moment to occur in a rush when you arrive at the car rental counter or when the bill comes at a restaurant.  Also, make sure you have a back-up plan that includes having enough money to get your own room or worst-case scenario, fly home.

Travelling with someone you love or someone you are starting to love is so much fun!  There is nothing like experiencing new places when you are in a new relationship.  At Misty River Introductions we have countless stories of people going on fabulous trips in the course of their courting.