Dating is never easy until you meet someone you have that unbelievable chemistry with. Adding children to the mix is that much harder.

If you have children you always have to be aware that you are dating for more than just you. Sure we’re not looking to replace a parent but ultimately if everything works out that person will have have an effect on who your children become and how happy they will be during their childhood.

As a professional matchmaker I hear stories about common mistakes people with children make during the dating process. I have a few rules I give to people so that you can have the best outcome in your dating life.

What to expect if you are dating someone with a child?

  • If you are having a date pick you up, introduce your children. Kids are smart and sneaking around is not in your best interest.

  • Sleepovers are a really bad idea for a long time. Kids are sponges and will model your behaviour. There are lots of other places you can take your romance-places where it’s appropriate and maybe a little exciting!

  • Remember that kids get attached and can have their heart broken when something doesn’t work out.

  • Don’t hide the fact that you have kids and that their needs will come first until they are adults. Men and women value good parenting and find it attractive that you are responsible and capable of putting others first before your own needs.

  • If you decide on a live in relationship or marriage spend the money on a family counsellor so you can establish ground rules and how everyone will interact and what their roles will be.

  • Don’t run down the other parent. Anyone you date has to know you used to love you ex and seeing you be mean or spiteful about someone you once professed to love will be cautious about his or her future with you will be. Kids need to know that everyone is OK with this new person in your life and that you all support each other in parenting.

  • Have fun and date for you first. In order to find out if it’s worth involving a stranger in you life and family. Make sure they are first and foremost someone you can love and respect. At Misty River Introductions we provide professional matchmaking services that can help you find the person you will love!