02 May What Makes Guys Irresistible To Women?

Men find going out and meeting women in our current social climate very confusing and intimidating.  It’s hard as a man to approach a group of women and ask one to dance.  What if she says no?  Now you have the long walk back to your friends with your tail between your legs!

Note for Women

Matchmaker says: Always YES for a DANCE!

Women should always say yes if a man asks them to dance.  Even if you are not interested in them it indicates to the other men in the room that they have a chance if they approach and will not be shot down. One of them may be the guy you’ve had your eye on.  I guarantee if you turn the first one down there will be a good chance no one else will try.  It also gives the other men in the room the idea that you are fun and desirable.

Have Fun!

You should socialize and have fun with your friends.  People are always more desirable if they look like they are having fun.  The sad wallflower rarely goes home a winner.  Look at the person you are interested in.  Make eye contact but don’t stare.  She should catch you glancing her way but when she looks, look away.  Don’t worry she’ll get it.

Be Careful With Compliments

Here’s the hard part.  You have to approach.  Complimenting someone is always  a good start.  “I couldn’t help noticing your beautiful eyes”.  Nothing is ever too much if  it’s a compliment.  Leave it at one though.  More than one and it starts to look like you’re cataloging her parts!  If you’re a woman you should try not to travel in a herd of women.  It’s way too intimidating. If you have to go out with your friends spend at least some of the time circulating alone.  This allows people to approach you in a way that is more comfortable for them.

Mind How You Start Conversation

Don’t start a conversation with grilling them about work or whether or not they have a boyfriend.  Talk about something interesting in the news or tell them about something you’re passionate about.

Be Interested

Lean in, look interested.  Square your body to her.  Spend time, but not too much.  Spending the whole evening with someone you just met may be a bit to desperate but circulate back to her later in the evening.

Ask a Phone Number

Don’t forget to ask them if you can call.  I know it’s hard but all your work will be for naught if you don’t.  The worst someone can say is no and even if they do it’s training for when the right one comes along!