Having spent the last 25 years of my life matching people with their life partners, I can usually tell right away if someone is going to be successfully matched.

Recently one of my colleagues and I met a woman who had met someone through our service and was quite happy.  Even though she had initially done a phone interview when she joined, she wondered if she could meet Nancy and I in person.  So, we planned to meet her in the Lobby of a downtown Toronto hotel.

Our client was an absolute delight to work with.  She had joined a mere 5 months prior and had met 13 gentlemen before meeting the person she was currently in a relationship with. She almost always agreed to talk with the people we suggested and at least tried to meet many of them.

What was interesting is that she had kept detailed notes on each person and with each of them, she always had something positive to say.  In one case I asked her what an individual was like and she thought for a minute and then said “well, he had a very nice truck”!

Nancy and I quickly agreed that she would be a great client resource to write a manual on the right way to use a matchmaking service.

She was open, she was positive, she usually gave almost everyone a chance, she was polite and kind and best of all…  she was a joy to work with.  In the end, her amazing attitude and push for a positive result made us all work especially hard to please her and find her the perfect match.

On so many occasions I get people who over think each match.  Maybe they play tennis and you don’t like tennis, maybe they are an inch too short, maybe they are a year too old, maybe they have too much/not enough education and the list goes on.

It’s a mistake to imagine what the person you are going to end up with is like in every aspect.  Take a chance, go on dates, explore the possibilities.  You might be surprised at how it turns out!