We always hear that strong relationships are based on trust, communication, and honesty. These three things are undeniable fundamentals, but there are many other things that can be found in all successful relationships. After meeting with a matchmaker at Misty River Introductions and finding someone who is compatible with your personality and interests, you may look ahead to finding ways to strengthen your bond with your match. Keep the following key components in mind while building towards a strong, loving bond:


As you grow more comfortable with your partner, your relationship may naturally evolve to become a peaceful coexistence. This type of relationship can be comforting in many ways, but it does not provide room for growth. Lack of communication and involvement will increase distance and weaken your bond. Ensuring that you remain actively involved in your partner’s day-to-day life also facilitates more difficult conversations when they are needed.


Many people tend to put a focus on saying those “three words,” but there are two other words that are just as important – “Thank You.” Being grateful for your partner and the things that they do through your words and actions shows that you appreciate them, and let’s be honest- who doesn’t love to be appreciated and recognized?


Be sure to keep your outside interests and social circles alive. Though it may seem contradictory, pursuing separate interests or spending time with your own friends encourages you to love the distances as well as your time spent together. In addition, doing this will allow you to bring fresh insights and topics of discussion to the relationship. In a strong, balanced relationship, each partner will support each other’s separate interests.


As the relationship moves past the “new and exciting” phase, it is important to keep this feeling alive by making a point of spending quality time together. It can be easy after a long day to resort to sitting back on the couch and watching television before going to bed, but try doing different activities that will help strengthen your bond:

  • Find something that you enjoy doing together. Whether it is a daily evening walk, cooking meals, or bike riding.

  • Try something new together! Experiencing something new together is a great way to strengthen your bond. This doesn’t have to be anything too extreme, and can be as easy as visiting a new city.


Remembering a big meeting, asking about their day, making them an evening snack… are all small gestures that make your partner feel loved. Small things like a goodbye kiss in the morning, making eye contact, and staying “unplugged” during dinner time can make a big difference!