Recently I had a couple that I had matched get together and claim to have instant chemistry.

They met at a dog park and he said the instant she got out of the car he was smitten.
They spent the afternoon together with their dogs and then went on to a restaurant and talked for hours.

For them this worked.

I always say though, be cautious. I have heard of numerous people that had amazing chemistry and rushed into relationships with someone who ended up being completely wrong for them. It is always better to choose someone you like and admire and let the chemistry build naturally. Slow burn is always the better choice for long term relationships.

When I hear a client say they’re totally in love and are moving in or getting married in a few months I tend to preach caution. If someone really loves you, they’ll be willing to wait to give each of you more time to get to know one another. Being too much in a rush is usually a red flag.

Remember, love takes time and patience.