In my 25 years as a professional matchmaker, the biggest mistake I see repeatedly is over thinking. I get clients that become absolutely paralyzed trying to decide whether to go on a date or not. They dissect every aspect of the match from personality and hobbies to lifestyle and education. I guarantee that there is no way of knowing who you are going to end up with, just by reading some information provided in a profile. I can however tell you with 100% certainty that you will remain single if you don’t take that leap of faith and go on a date. Waiting for “the one” to appear in profile form is never going to happen. People are a sum of many things and it is impossible to translate that to a piece of paper.

Working with a matchmaker that has your best interests at heart is your best chance to find love. Always be open. The people I see that enter the process freely without judgement are much more likely to end up happy. They also tend to end up with exactly what they want.

I met a woman in Toronto last week who had been matched through us very recently. She had originally done a phone interview with us and after working with us for 5 months and being successfully matched she really wanted the opportunity to meet myself and Nancy in person. As we were going to be in Toronto doing consultations, we arranged to meet her for a drink. She had met 13 people before she met “the one”. She had kept careful records of every conversation and date so she could relay the facts back to us each week. She met almost every match we suggested. She is the poster child for how to best use the services offered by a matchmaker.