“Professional matchmaking costs how much?”

This is literally the number one question I hear from clients when they first contact us to help them find their “one and only.” And that’s perfectly ok! The majority of singles are extremely hesitant when it comes to spending money to meet someone, but the reality is the cost of our membership isn’t as high as they think it is and it’s not “spending”…


For the same amount of dough that could be used for a vacation on the beach, a fancy spa treatment, or a new computer, you could invest in a process that may introduce you to the love of your life. Now, just think about that…Can you really put a price on the right relationship and happiness? You know the answer is definitely no!

So, ask yourself this simple question:

“What is the emotional cost of spending the next twenty or thirty years by yourself?”

Ouch! I know that may really sting a little, but just think about it. What if you never had the chance to raise kids? Or retire in Florida? Are you watching your friends grow as couples while you sit on that new computer day in and day out?

No matter where you are, the good news is…you can make a change and meet someone who adds happiness to your life!

People often come to me after eyeing our service for years. Many singles visit our website time and time again, yearning to meet someone yet constantly making excuses that their money is better spent elsewhere. Until one day . . . they finally take the plunge with us…and never look back!

We totally get it!

It’s difficult to justify spending money on (ah, ah, ah – investing money in) ourselves when something else always seems to be a bigger priority like kids, grandkids, car repairs, or a new roof!

But in the end, what could be more important than a happy relationship that brings a lifetime of well-being? Nothing, right? So, why wait?

We’re In It To Win It (For YOU)