Over the years as a matchmaker and relationship coach I have heard stories that would make your hair curl.

Cheating comes in many forms and unfortunately internet dating has provided a forum for people to behave badly. Hiring a matchmaker is different. As a professional matchmaker I take care of the background work required for all potential matches including; are they who they say they are, do they live where they say they live. This in-depth check is a deterrent for many of the people who might be looking for an extramarital affair.

What you can do to avoid getting caught up with a cheater.

Don’t worry, there is no doubt in my mind, there are signs.

Are they easy to reach? Do you have to call and leave a message and then he or she calls you back? Does this behaviour happen more often than not on evenings, weekends rather than weekdays? If it does, this is a really bad sign!

Are you still waiting to be introduced to their friends and family? I see this as a sign that you’re a side thing and not the real significant other.

Does he make excuses so he doesn’t have to take you out locally?

Have you seen his home? When someone fails to entertain you in their home a big red flag should go up telling you that it’s probably someone else’s domain. I would certainly wait on becoming intimate with someone until you’ve been to their home.

Do they usually call you from a room with water running or when they’re out walking the dog?

I’ve seen a lot over the years in the matchmaking business and I still firmly believe most people are good and have good intentions. That being said, you can’t check your brain at the door. At the end of the day, it’s OK to want more, just make sure you’re free to do so.