What Seniors Need To Know About Dating

02 May What Seniors Need To Know About Dating. Matchmaker tips

As a matchmaker, I’ve been told a lot of times, how surprised people are to feel the same butterflies in their stomach that they felt at 18 as they do when they’re 80. The ability to love and fall in love is a part of us that does not age.

How To Start All Over Again

It can be confusing for people who haven’t dated in 30 or 40 years. Maybe your first love was the person you married 30 years ago. You went on to have a family, work hard and save for your retirement. Then the unimaginable happens.

How does one start over when you haven’t gone on a date in 40 years? It’s simple really. Chemistry and magic still matters. Practicality has to come into the equation as well.

Matchmaker Says: “It’s gonna be ok!”

Sometimes I get people who are hesitant to get involved in the service because they or their kids are worried about their inheritance. Sad really to think you will spend the rest of your life alone because you’re worried about money. Don’t. That’s what prenups are for and these days they are really very straightforward. A good family lawyer can put everything in order. If someone you are dating refuses to sign one this can be a real red flag.

Good Manners Always Make Sense

Sometimes people worry that the rules have changed so much that they are afraid of making a mistake. Good manners are still in style. Women like the door held open, the car door opened and being walked to the car at the end of evening. Men should still offer to pick up the bill at the end of a date if they like the woman and want to see her again. Feeding is part of courting. Men should still call prior to Wednesday if they want a date for the weekend. Generally women keep Friday and Saturday free for people they have been out with more that once. Dressy casual is the norm when dating. Men should concentrate on having quality shoes, belt and watch. Women should refrain from too much scent.

This should be the best time of your life. Free time, new love and lots of adventure!