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  • What qualities are you looking for in a partner?
  • Please make sure you have included two (2) photocopied pieces of identification, and a current photo with your application. Misty River Introductions does not offer refunds for any reason, however, if you would like to put your file on hold (while you pursue a relationship, are away for the winter, dealing with a prolonged illness, etc.) you can do this as many times as you require. If, however you fail to contact us or are not available to be matched for a period of 6 months, we will consider our contract fulfilled. If you find you don’t have enough room on the form to elaborate, please feel free to include anything extra you want me to know on a blank sheet of paper. By execution of this agreement, I herein acknowledge that Misty River Introductions is an introductions service only and makes no representations whatsoever as to the character, background,integrity and compatibility of any client relying exclusively on the information provided in its application form and does not obtain references or do criminal or credit checks or other background searches. I further acknowledge and agree that Misty River Introductions shall not be held responsible for the actions of any individual introduced to me through its service and shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever, be it either personal or monetary, suffered by me directly or indirectly as a result of an introduction from Misty River Introductions. I hereby understand that this agreement will be terminated and no monies refunded if I am found to be unserviceable because of drinking or drug related problems, socially unacceptable behaviour, or if I abuse another person verbally or physically or if I behave in a disrespectful manner to either staff or our clients. I undertake and agree that all information received by me with respect to other clients of Misty River Introductions including identity, address, occupation and phone number shall be held in strictest confidence by me. I herein authorize, direct and consent to Misty River Introductions providing its clients with any and all information provided by me in its client information form. I herein declare all information given by me in this form to be accurate and truthful.
  • Your first match will be the first Thursday after your registration is completed. You are to call our office on that day to receive your first match.

    Your second match will be the following Thursday. You are to call our office on that day to receive your second match.

    From the third week, on you need to call our office by Wednesday at noon in order to be on that same week's match list and to be matched for that Thursday. Safety and Confidentiality First: Misty River Introductions takes precautions to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. Our counselors prefer to reach clients at home. In cases where we are having trouble reaching you, we may contact you at work (unless otherwise instructed). Any messages which we will leave will consist solely of the caller’s first name and a phone number to reach us at. There will be no mention that we represent Misty River Introductions. We recommend that our female clients call the gentleman when both parties have agreed to meet. This allows the woman to give out her phone number as/when she sees fit, after having met with the gentleman. Misty River Introductions will not give out information regarding place of employment or home addresses. It is the client’s decision to give out any personal information. This authorizes Misty River Introductions to make available your phone number to prospective clients.
  • This indicates you acknowledge and accept that Misty River Introductions does not refund membership fees for any reason. You are entitled to twelve in person meetings through our service. We operate on the honour system, and if any client is found to not be reporting meetings, their membership will be terminated and no monies refunded. If however, you wish to put your file on hold while you pursue a relationship, you can do so as many times as you need to, up to period of six months at any one time.
  • Yes, I wish my account to be credited for 3 more matches any time I refer a new client to Misty River Introductions.
  • Package A: $2,050.00 plus HST. This includes up to 12 in-person meetings. (Telephone conversations do not count as ‘meetings’) This package includes a 6 month hold period, where clients can put their file ‘on hold’ for up to a period of 6 months as many times as they require. Once the client reactivates their file they must be available to be actively matched with new prospective matches.

    Photos are available at a cost of $10 plus HST for photos sent by email or $15 plus HST for photos mailed to us from the client.

    Package B: $2,250.00 plus HST. This package includes up to 12 in-person meetings and all photos of prospective matches at no charge as well as an extended hold period of one year. (Telephone conversations do not count as ‘meetings’) This package allows the client an extra 6 months (1 year total hold period) to explore whether or not a relationship is going to work out in the long term.

    Package C: $3,300.00 plus HST. Our deluxe package includes unlimited matches and all photos of prospective matches at no charge as well as an unlimited hold period

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