One of the most frequent questions we have been asked in the last few weeks the province has begun to reopen is “how do I date safely and what kind of information do you have from clients on their vaccine status?”

I always say that it’s safe to connect with new people if you follow the rules.

When we were in lockdown, that was via skype and/or phone. Now that we’re out of the worst, a patio, a walk, or a picnic works.

As matchmakers, we try to ask the questions you’re dying to ask but can’t when you first meet someone, so you’re going into every date armed with information that you wouldn’t have if you were dating online.

We make sure people live where they say they live, work where they say they work and are who they say they are. We also now have a non-mandatory question about their vaccine status. Of course, because it’s personal health information, we can’t make it mandatory, but I have yet to have someone decline answering.  Some are quick to say yes, and some will tell you they are reluctant and don’t plan to be vaccinated. Either way, more and more people want to know the status of the people they are dating.

The nice thing about hiring a matchmaker is you get an advocate who does your screening for you.