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CoupleMen and women who join Misty River Introductions usually have no problem getting a date on their own – but seriously, who has the time? The majority of our clients lead hectic lives, juggling careers, kids, social agendas, travel schedules, and more. Does this sound familiar?

Today’s dating scene of crowded bars, crazy clubs, and less-than-impressive pick-up lines isn’t where our clients want to spend their time

– and we understand that!

So, how did Misty River Introductions come to be? For the last 20 years, Linda Miller has used her uncanny connecting skills to pair couples, resulting in countless genuine relationships and marriages. Linda values confidentiality and interacts with every client in a professional yet personable manner. She helps you decipher what is non-negotiable for your next relationship and then immediately begins matching you up with other clients – using traditional methods but also trusting her natural instinct.

About Our Matchmaking

Our clients are seeking serious committed relationships.
You’ll receive advice from a professional matchmaker who uses traditional and proven methods.
Our clients are all ages and come from a multitude of careers and backgrounds.
Our client list exceeds 10,000 throughout the Ontario and Montreal areas!
We have five customer service agents who are highly skilled at managing information between clients.
Confidentiality is our #1 priority for all our clients.
Changing your profile to match the changes in your life is no problem at all!
We’re here to make this process as simple as possible for you.


Your dating life is personal, and we respect that. Our first preference is to reach you at home or on your cell. In the event we have trouble reaching you, we may contact you at work (unless you’ve explicitly asked us not to). When leaving a message, our counselors will only leave their first name and phone number – we will never mention Misty River Introductions.

Your privacy matters to us!

Misty River Introductions will not give out any personal information regarding place of employment or home address. It is the client’s decision to release any personal information.

Misty River Connections…Successfully Matching Couples for Over 20 Years. Are YOU Ready to Connect?

We can help you through career relocation – our client base is already established across the entire province. All you have to do is let us know and we can refocus our search to your new home!

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Why Choose Our Services

It’s a safe, confidential way to connect with others who share similar interests.
They’ve established careers and are ready to meet someone to share their success with.
They’re new to the dating scene after a divorce, separation, or death of a spouse.
They’re tired of living their lives alone and want to meet special someone.
They don’t have trouble getting dates but aren’t meeting “the right people.”
They are new to the area or not interested in the “bar-scene”
They prefer a professional to pre-select a quality partner.