As a professional matchmaker I’ve heard every excuse in the book preventing someone from finding love.

“My life is too busy right now for a relationship.”

Let’s face it, nobody works 24/7.  Having work life balance is integral part of having a happy productive life.  Sure, you may love what you do but does it love you back?  Is it going to be there for you to grow old with?  Can work really be your everything?  Trust me when I tell you, they don’t chisel “he was a loyal employee” on your gravestone.  It would be better to have “loving husband, father” as something you are remembered for, not “he worked long hours, slept at the office and built an empire, but had no one to leave it to…”

“My kids wouldn’t understand.”

We often get widowed people who are terrified of their kids finding out they are dating or even interested in dating after their wife or husband dies.  We get it; it’s going to be hard to see you with someone other than their Mother or Father, but it is important to understand life is for the living.  Are you supposed to spend the next 30 years honouring a shrine of someone who isn’t around?  Make the most out of the rest of your life and meet someone new.

“All my relationships don’t work out.”

Maybe you’re doing it wrong.  Sorry but it needs to be said.  Doing something the same way over and over again with same results is the definition of insanity.  That’s why at Misty River Introductions we work with you to not only find the partner you want but parlay that into the kind of relationship that you not only need, but make sure it is the kind you are looking for.  Dating is hard!  It’s hard to know the right way to proceed.  That’s why our relationship coaches can be invaluable tool to be used to help you find a fabulous life partner.