Why are matchmaking services so expensive?

02 May Why Are Matchmaking Services So Expensive?

A hesitation I get all the time from clients is: “ I’m not sure I can pay that kind of money to meet someone”.
For most people our membership is the cost of a trip south, a couple of month’s mortgage payments, or a new computer.  Not insurmountable.

Why pay the money?

Ask yourself: “What is the emotional cost for me spending the next twenty or thirty years alone?”
Forgoing having children?
Retiring alone?  Traveling with the added expense of the single supplement?

We Are Focused On A Life Time Solution

People often come to me after thinking about our service for years. They visit our website time and time again and make excuses until finally they take the plunge. It’s hard spending money on ourselves when there always seems to be something else more important…kids, grandchildren, car repairs, or a new roof! But remember two can live cheaper than one. Even if you are only looking for companionship, sometimes you have to invest to meet other good single people who have paid the same fee to meet successful, attractive people to enhance their life. Hiring a professional matchmaking service is a commitment to making your life complete. To meeting someone you can come home to, share your day with, or make travel plans with. Our matchmakers find you people who meet your specific criteria. Who want love and companionship with the right person.

We Are saving You Time And Money

Hiring a professional matchmaking service will protect you from the predators who populate the online dating services. Each client who joins our service has been screened and interviewed before being taken on. We make sure our clients are who they say they are, live with they say they live and are good candidates for dating. Yes, we cost money. You have no hesitation in hiring a plumber, a dentist and accountant, yet one of the most important things in your life, something that can enhance your life more than anything else is left to chance.