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Thanks to technology, dating has literally turned into a game exploding with emoticons, selfies, and exclamation points. Relationships today are consumed with flirty text messages and awkward emails – where did face-to-face interaction even go? But let’s be honest…if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you’re not interested in playing games. Right?

Remember the old fashioned way of meeting someone? And the time and effort you had to actually invest in dating?

There were awkward formal introductions, sweet smiles across the table, and actual conversations to learn about one another – rather than just an impersonal Google or Facebook search. As daunting as it may seem, there’s still a certain thrill to the magical simplicity of real dating.

  • All packages may include 12 “in person” meetings, account hold periods and photo sharing.

  • We have been successfully matching couples for over 20 years. Are YOU ready to connect?

  • Linda Miller and her staff combine over 20 years of experience pushing you to find the quality partner you deserve

Simple, real-life connections is what Misty River Introductions is all about!

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What makes London different when it comes to matchmaking?

As a matchmaker with 20 years experience in London and South Western Ontario it is always a pleasure doing business in London Ontario.  The people are affluent, well-educated, well dressed and similar in that they are seeking traditional long term relationships.   Many of the singles have Dutch and anglo saxon backgrounds which makes for tall good looking men  and beautiful women with lovely skin and hair.  Not a bad start in the matchmaking business!  I am always amazed at the youthful looking clients that show up for meetings.  With hospitals and university faculties, successful entrepreneurs and trades people  London is extremely busy for us.  I’ve have had thousands of marriages in the years I have been doing business here.  My client base tends to be very health conscious and I believe are attracted to the London area by the beautiful countryside and the myriad of career opportunities.  However when one is new to the area how does one expand their social network and gain exposure to singles that meet their criteria?  As a professional matchmaker we get many people who have transferred into the area from other places and are excited to start their burgeoning career.  That being said, building a career is time consuming and finding love is often relegated to the back burner until it feels like it may be too late.  A professional matchmaker can help you find the right person who shares your goals and will complete your life.  London is a great place to marry and raise a family, all you need is a little help in right direction.  Misty River Introductions has thousands of like minded singles who are seeking high quality attractive matches who they can have real chemistry with.

Is it ever too late for A matchmaker?

I have people often say to me that they feel like they are too old to bother dating.  As a matchmaker I feel love can happen at any age and often does.  Surprisingly I have many people who are in their 70’s and 80’s marvel at the surprising fact that love feels the same whether you’re 18 or 80.  You still get that flutter in your stomach, can still hardly wait to see the other person and still are amazed that the simplest thing, a trip to home depot together, can seems like a great adventure. Misty River Introductions has people of all ages in London and South western Ontario.

When does matchmaking work the best for clients?

Matchmaking is an inexact science.  I always say that having a client who likes their life, has examined their past baggage and is open to possibility is ideal.  Happy and confident goes along way.  London is a great city to match because of the down to earth nature of the people.  Whether you’re working with a doctor or a dairy farmer singles in South Western Ontario and London tend to like their lives and are happy to hire the services of a professional when it comes to choosing a matchmaker. They tend to busy and understand the value of going with a service where people are paying a fee.  They know we are more likely to attract people who are serious and ready to make a commitment.  Misty River Introductions knows that finding love is important and when you spend money on a matchmaker you are expecting quality matches and personal service.  With 20 years experience we know the importance of one on one attention.  That’s why our customer service agents are seasoned professionals who are comfortable giving useful advice so you can realize your goals.  It’s also why Linda interviews each prospective customer to determine their requirements in a partner.