06 Jun Is it time to step out of you dating comfort zone?

Where do you usually go on a date? Movies? Dinner?

Why don’t you try planning a date that will make you stand out and seem special.

Remember on the first season on “the Bachelor” When the NFL guy wrote a poem to Trisha Ren? All the other guys mocked him and make fun of him doing that, but she was touched and felt special. Guess who she married.

Being special is not as hard as you think

Here are some dating ideas that can give you time to make an impression and will help you stand out in the crowd.

  • Make plans to go on an artists studio tour. They happen almost all summer locally in the summer. What is more intimate than spending the day in the car reading maps together and comparing your taste in art? You don’t have to be knowledgeable. It’s a great chance for lay person to experience art and appear cultured and curious.
  • Book an evening at a place like Escape manor in Ottawa. Studies show that first dates that involve stress and problem solving can create intimacy and a closer bond.
  • Plan a picnic to a beautiful setting. A road trip to a park or conservation area allows you time to talk and a carefully planned and executed picnic can be very romantic and shows thoughtful care.
  • Make a date that involves adrenalin. Renting a sports car at a track is the newest trend. Not only is this fun, but it gets the heart beating faster.
  • Plan a mystery date (probably not for a first date). Make clues and have your date guess each destination. Start with a little restaurant off the beaten track. For instance; “ Let’s dine in Alice’s pet’s favourite place”. The answer would be the Cheshire Cat in Carp. It can be a little kitschy if not well executed. Make sure the destinations are worthy and interesting or it can come across as over the top.

That being said Over the Top is something that’s hard to achieve in dating. It’s like when the they say no such thing as too much flattery, fabulous dates stick in your memory. At Misty River Introductions we provide professional matchmaker services to bring couples together.