These days there is such an emphasis on finding a balance between work and home life. Personally, I think the key to finding that balance is approaching them the same way. Giving them the same weight and respect. WORK IS SERIOUS and YOU WORK AT IT. HOME LIFE/RELATIONSHIPS just sort of happen.

Around the office we are a bit frustrated when people express embarrassment about having to use a matchmaking service. If you are unemployed you don’t just sit home and wait for someone to knock on your door and offer you a job. At first, the comparison may not be obviously applicable to matchmaking and relationships, but the logic does translate.

If you say “I want a job. A job is important to me. I am going to take active steps to get a job, I have hired head-hunter”. You are applauded for being enterprising and determined. No one would ever tell you to just wait and let it find you. Why then can we not apply the same logic to relationships? You follow the same thought process, just change out a “job” for a “relationship”.

“I want a relationship. A relationship is important to me. I am going to take active steps to get into a relationship, I have hired a Matchmaker”.

People come back and say “but its not organic. it should be organic” Well if you want something organic, go to the Farmers Market. If you want something worth having be prepared to have to work for it AND INVEST YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY IN IT.