I hear so many people say when they meet me for a consultation that they have someone they are interested in but just can’t seem to turn it into a romantic relationship.

As a matchmaker it makes me sad to see people waste months and even years waiting for a romance to materialize. The other really difficult part about watching someone waste time is that these “ possible pairings” will make you unavailable for emotional intimacy with someone new.

There is a solution for changing these relationships. I’m sure it’s hard to hear, but you must remove all contact. Delete their phone number and email, unfriend them on Facebook and Instagram. I know it’s hard to imagine your life without these people but I can tell you definitively that they are keeping you in limbo and they will never start to see you as a lover rather than a friend if they haven’t already.

Real relationships work when both parties are motivated to move forward in a romantic way.

Sometimes people will make you their backup when they don’t have anyone better. They will often spend hours processing their current or past relationships with you.

Isn’t it time you had someone who occupied their time thinking of YOU and ONLY YOU?

Misty River Introductions will work with you to find a love match that can make you feel fulfilled and excited rather than disappointed and frustrated. Using a professional matchmaker will make things easy and fun. Part of what we do is coaching and working with you to turn those fantastic dates into lifelong relationships.