I often get people who corner me at parties and ask me if people have ever gotten married after meeting using our service. The answer is… of course! Thousands of people have met and married through using different matchmaking services.

The thing about using a matchmaking service is that in our busy complicated lives we often don’t have time to actively look for single people who meet our strict criteria. Sometimes people come to me who have been married for decades and lose a spouse or young people who are too busy working on a career and find themselves closing in on thirty with the dreams of starting a family seeming almost unattainable. What a matchmaker does is become an advocate for you. A good matchmaker is like having a best friend/confident every step of the way on your journey to find love.

Do you remember that friend in primary school who passed that note for you that had your name on it with two crudely drawn boxes and a caption that declared… if you like Linda Check yes or no? Where is that friend now?

We are that friend. We will tirelessly look for good people who meet many of your criteria while you plug away at your career, hobbies and busy life. We will hand over that match each week and say, “check out this one, here’s a good one”. We will go to them and sell them on your many fine qualities. We will help you set up a date, make restaurant suggestions and give you gentle tips to make things go smoother. After the date we will dissect the date and what you thought about him or her.

Matchmaking is an art rather than a science. Hiring someone you feel a connection with is key to making a good decision. You want to hire someone you not only trust your personal life with, but someone you could trust every aspect of your life with.