Being in a new relationship is so exciting. It makes your heartbeat faster, the sky seems bluer and the stars shine brighter.

But, dating with children can be a challenge. There’s the coordinating of babysitters, the confusion of when it’s appropriate to introduce a new love interest and the pressure of them making a good impression.

Just like adults, children are vulnerable to getting their hearts broken. They form attachments and like the routine of having another adult in their worlds. For this reason, I always caution parents to maintain as little exposure as possible to people you’re dating.
There is nothing wrong with a date picking you up at your house and saying hi to your children, but outings and excessive time together should be waited on until your relationship is much stronger.

Explain to them that you have a new friend but don’t go into details. Don’t have sleepovers. Children need to feel safe and comfortable in their own home and waking up to a virtual stranger is confusing and sends a message that you are probably not trying to deliver.

Modelling a happy and loving relationship can be the greatest gift you can give your children. There is lots of time for the right man or woman to get to know them in a gradual and comfortable way.