Matchmakers usually have a set of rules we would like you to follow.  These are for your benefit.  Meet in a public place, arrange your own transportation, and don’t have people over until you get to know them.  These rules are especially important for you to follow because they are for your safety.

Now I’m going to tell you about someone who broke all the rules and found love.

Diane was an average looking woman but a world class flirt.  I felt it as I sat across from her at the diner, I did her free consultation at.  She effortlessly charmed me and had a sparkle that few people can emulate. She joined the service and as I instinctively knew, men were delighted by her.

After a couple months she hadn’t met “the guy”.  She was in her 50’s and had grown children.  I introduced her to a bachelor who had never been married. She called me laughing and said “NEVER!” she was sure she would never date a guy who hadn’t been married.  We joked around for a bit, and she said, “I don’t want anyone I have to train”. Lorena and I both talked with her and between the two of us we managed to get her to break her rule.  He was never married through no fault of his own. He had been responsible for two parents with health problems and running the family business.

Again, she broke a rule, one of mine, so much more serious. She invited him over for a pumpkin pie she had baked. Well, after the pie and the sparkle that Diane also brought to the table, he was completely smitten.

A year later they had built a house together, gotten married and were planning to travel the world together.

So sometimes breaking your own rules can be a good thing!