One of the most common questions I’ve been getting these days is, “Is it worth dating right now with everybody self-isolating and social distancing?”

Surprisingly, we are busier than ever!  With everything going on, we’ve still managed to complete many happy matches.

I think it’s important to develop an emotional connection with your match when you first meet them. Obviously, there has to be chemistry, good flow of conversation and some interest on both sides. Right now, I am advising people to spend more time talking on the phone and getting to know each other.

I have an amazing story about a young man who met someone through our service right before the shut down. They both had family obligations on the weekend, so they decided to wait to meet till the next week. By that time, self-isolation and social distancing had come into affect, so they kept talking on the phone and did quite a few zoom dates. After a couple of months, they had developed a real connection. He said that he felt like they could tell each other anything.

I spoke to him recently and he said that they had finally had a chance to meet in person a few weeks ago.  He was surprised and delighted to find out that they just had as much chemistry in person as they had over the phone. They’re both incredibly happy and both have put their files on hold.

What has become clear to me during this time is that it’s not the possessions we have, the house we live in, the job we hold that’s important, it’s the people we have in our lives. Many people have come to me and said that if there’s a second wave of the virus they don’t want to be alone. Hopefully, I can find great matches for all the people that have joined in the last three months as well as all my existing clients. I feel like this has made people take relationships more seriously than they did before.

If you decide you are ready to date and you’re not sure how to during a pandemic give our office a call.  We’d love to talk with you about how we can keep you safe and still have you meet the love of your life.