I recently had a widow come to me and say, “I know you’ll never find anyone like my husband.”  She had been married to a very accomplished, handsome loving man.  I knew from the beginning finding her a match was a very tall order.

I told her the same thing that I’ve told many widowers who have used us with success, “It is possible to meet someone who is just as wonderful as what you’ve had.  You just need to be open to the possibilities.”

The people who unsuccessfully use our service are usually looking for an exact replica of what they had.  We can’t do that for anyone and trying to do so isn’t fair to anyone involved.  On top of that, anyone you date will have no interest in stepping into someone else’s shoes, especially if they are very big shoes to fill.

After meeting that special someone, I always advise people who are ready to combine their lives to start with a house that is new to both of you.  That way you are starting a new life together while showing you’re open to and excited about the new adventure you’re about to embark on together.