One of the first matches, at the beginning of my career, was for a very handsome man who had worked for the railway.  He went into the post office and dropped off his application.  25 years ago, this was the norm, most of our correspondence was done that way.

I think the postmistress must have been quite impressed because immediately after that her daughter signed up with us, which is how she met her husband.

Anyway, he was recently divorced.  Soon after meeting and speaking with him, we started working together and built his ideal matches for his profile.

As I started to match him feedback came in quickly.  All three of the women he’d been matched with in the first month said, “he was very nice looking, interesting but quite bitter about how his marriage had ended.”

Soon after getting this feedback, he called in wondering why he wasn’t getting second dates. I told him about the feedback we were getting.  I suggested he put his file on hold so he could let himself heal.  He did as I suggested.  After approximately 6 months he came back and reactivated his account.  On his first date back the woman, he would go on to marry, had nothing but nice/positive things to say about him and the date.

It’s amazing to me how many people use us as coaches with great success. Even people you wouldn’t think need coaching can sometimes have questions about how to handle different situations.