Why are matchmaking services so expensive?

WHY ARE MATCHMAKING SERVICES SO EXPENSIVE? A hesitation I get all the time from clients is: “ I’m not sure I can pay that kind of money to meet someone”.  For most people our membership is the cost of a trip south, a couple of month’s mortgage payments, or a new computer.  Not insurmountable. Ask […]

What seniors need to know about dating

WHAT SENIORS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DATING As a matchmaker, I’ve been told a lot of times, how surprised people are to feel the same butterflies in their stomach that they felt at 18 as they do when they’re 80. The ability to love and fall in love is a part of us that does not age. HOW […]

What makes a strong relationship?

WHAT MAKES A STRONG RELATIONSHIP? We always hear that strong relationships are based on trust, communication, and honesty. These three things are undeniable fundamentals, but there are many other things that can be found in all successful relationships. After meeting with a matchmaker at Misty River Introductions and finding someone who is compatible with your […]

What makes guys irresistible to women?

WHAT MAKES GUYS IRRESISTIBLE TO WOMEN? Men find going out and meeting women in our current social climate very confusing and intimidating.  It’s hard as a man to approach a group of women and ask one to dance.  What if she says no?  Now you have the long walk back to your friends with your […]

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