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Thanks to technology, dating has literally turned into a game exploding with emoticons, selfies, and exclamation points. Relationships today are consumed with flirty text messages and awkward emails – where did face-to-face interaction even go? But let’s be honest…if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you’re not interested in playing games. Right?

Remember the old fashioned way of meeting someone? And the time and effort you had to actually invest in dating?

There were awkward formal introductions, sweet smiles across the table, and actual conversations to learn about one another – rather than just an impersonal Google or Facebook search. As daunting as it may seem, there’s still a certain thrill to the magical simplicity of real dating.

  • All packages may include 12 “in person” meetings, account hold periods and photo sharing.

  • We have been successfully matching couples for over 20 years. Are YOU ready to connect?

  • Linda Miller and her staff combine over 20 years of experience pushing you to find the quality partner you deserve

Simple, real-life connections is what Misty River Introductions is all about!

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Misty River Introductions - Barrie, Ontario Matchmaking

Misty River Introductions, Ontario largest matchmaking service first became available in Barrie 20 years ago.  When we started doing business,  Barrie was a smaller market for us.  It consisted of people from all walks of life who, through circumstance, profession or death of a spouse found themselves single and in need of our matchmaking expertise to find a life partner.


Matchmaking seems to evolve in any city if you are in business the length of time Misty River introductions has been.  As time went on Barrie grew exponentially and the client base of our matchmaking agency changed and grew with it.  Over time much of our client base in Barrie became young and middle aged professionals. Many were new to the area and did not have the social network they grew up with as a resource to find a life partner. As matchmakers we saw this as a special challenge.  Social networks are so important when one moves to a new city and Barrie’s most recent residents were no exception.  As matchmakers we knew that finding life partner’s for our clients in Barrie would be doubly important. Finding life partner’s would also help establish a foundation for a social network in a new place.


Our single clients in Barrie come from all walks of life.  Often they are in professions dominated by one sex.  Teachers, nurses, constructions workers, Engineers or the self employed.  Our matchmakers also deal with people who want anonymity in their matchmaking and don’t want their picture and profile plastered on a dating site. Doctors, CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs come to us with the confidence that they can trust us as professional matchmakers. They also place their trust in us as a service that can provide them with confidentiality and a measure of privacy as they go about meeting someone to spend the rest of their life with. 


The busy singles in Barrie and surrounding areas need a matchmaker because they often are so preoccupied with careers that they lack the time and energy to find a life partner on their own.  Misty River introductions can make the process painless and much less labor intensive as we carefully screen for the attributes our clients want in a life partner.


Our retired clients find the ease of dealing with real matchmakers on the phone and in person a delight after trying to navigate internet dating sites.  They just want someone to share their good life with, travel, dine out, and have fun with.  A professional matchmaker can provide that with seamless ease.  Barrie is a great place to retire to and many seniors take advantage of the beautiful countryside when planning a retirement but don’t foresee losing a spouse or loved one.


All in all Barrie is a wonderful town and as professional matchmakers Misty River Introductions want to take a great life and make it even better by finding you someone special to share it with.