We have all been in relationships that seem like we’re doing all the work. On the other hand Sometimes you have more emotional energy to commit to a relationship than your partner does on a temporary basis.

What about when you’re just dating?

Are you making all the calls?  Planning all the dates that are more often than not cancelled?  Making all the thoughtful romantic gestures only to have them not appreciated?

ASK YOURSELF: Is this person just not a romantic?

Some people view romance differently. As a professional matchmaker I know that for some people romance is washing your partners car or calling to make sure they got home safe while others want flowers and dinners out.

Can you reach a compromise?  Is this is the only stumbling block to an otherwise great relationship?

People stay in relationships when it’s clear by the other persons actions that they are not being made a priority or even a factor in the other persons life. People you are dating should make an effort to get in touch and make plans at least as often as you do. Relationships need to move forward in natural progression.


Initially, Wednesday night leads to Wednesday and Fridays, which leads to Wednesday’s and weekends, which in turn leads to holidays together, meeting family and friends, engagement or marriage or living together.

Is this how it’s going?

If not, it’s time to re-evaluate. It’s OK to discuss it with the other person before you pull the plug. They can’t fix it if they don’t know it’s broken. But please, as a matchmaker who’s been doing this for 24 years, don’t waste more than another month or two. You deserve better.