I often get sheepish calls from people in their 70’s and 80’s who lead with a self-deprecating “oh, I’m probably way too old for your matchmaking service.”

I can tell you age has no bearing on finding a love relationship. Retirees are one of our very biggest age groups. Love feels the same at any age. People often tell me they can’t believe that they feel like they are 18. They describe butterflies in their stomach and instant chemistry.

Things have changed so much in the last 50 years. It used to be common for people who were widowed at 60 to spend the rest of their lives alone. With the advent of the baby boomers, people want more than just to be put out to pasture and spend the next 25-30 years on their own. And why not meet someone? With better health in the last half century and longer longevity seniors are living large. Traveling alone is never fun and meeting a partner to explore new destinations is incredibly exciting. Why not share expenses with someone you love rather than going home alone to the dog or cat every night.

With thousands of people joining Misty River Introductions you will never be short of choice. Scared to start dating in the new Millennium? Worried the rules have changed?

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That’s what hiring a matchmaker is all about. An important part of what we do is coaching you through the new dating norms and mores.

Stop thinking about changing your life and do something about your loneliness. Let us find you an incredible partner to share your life with.