I had the pleasure of meeting Theresa nearly two decades ago when she became a member of our service. I still remember our first encounter vividly, as she brought me a thoughtful gift of Mohair socks. Theresa had built a successful business around crafting and selling these delightful socks. She owned a farm located south of the city, where she raised Mohair goats and personally sheared their wool.

I matched her with a kind-hearted farmer who lived in close proximity to her farm. They experienced many joyful years together, but as they grew older, they realized they had diverging visions for their retirements.

During the COVID pandemic, Theresa returned to our service and met Glenn. They turned out to be a much better match for the current stage of their lives.

People often underestimate the significance of being in the same life stage when seeking a life partner and utilizing a matchmaking service. Life stage is a crucial factor to consider. Questions arise such as: Do you plan to retire simultaneously? Will grandchildren play a significant role in your retirement, or will their involvement be sporadic? How do you envision spending your leisure time? Will you be heading to Florida annually, or do you intend to relish the seasons in Canada year-round?

Theresa discovered that she had developed a passion for travel and recognized its importance in her future life endeavors.