When individuals join a matchmaking service, they often feel uncertain about what information is crucial to share with their matchmaker.

During my interview with Steven, it quickly became evident that he was an avid lover of the outdoors. Residing in Barrie, north of Toronto, he had a deep affinity for nature and participated in various outdoor sports and activities. He expressed frustration about his previous experiences with online dating, where he encountered individuals who had little interest in venturing away from the city streets.

During our conversation, my intuition kicked into high gear. Some of my most successful matches are those that intuitively come to mind as I actively listen and observe.

Almost instantly, I thought of Allison, a woman who resides in the countryside and shares Steven’s passion for the outdoors and embracing all seasons.

I informed Steven that I had someone in mind but would present him with a couple of options to choose from, allowing him to see if he selected the individual, I believed to be the best match. It’s not uncommon for people to express a desire for an outdoorsy partner but ultimately gravitate towards individuals who prioritize high fashion and high maintenance.

True to form, Steven did not disappoint. He immediately gravitated towards Allison’s profile.

Steven and Allison turned out to be an excellent match, thoroughly enjoying their summer by kayaking, canoeing, and exploring nature trails together.