Lianne and Jim hold a special place among my favorite couples. Lianne had been a client of ours years ago and had found a happy match. However, after a twenty-year relationship, it came to an end, and Lianne found herself back in the market for a life partner. Having experienced success with matchmaking in the past, she turned to Misty River Introductions for assistance in finding her perfect match.

Remarkably, Jim was her very first match! When Lianne called our office to learn more about him, her liaison, Nancy, shared, “Well, I don’t know if you’ll like him, but we all like him!”

Although Lianne initially pondered whether she should feel offended or if we believed she was too selective, she decided to give it a chance and agreed to meet Jim.

Weeks passed without any communication from Lianne. Concerned, I reached out to her, only to discover that she couldn’t stop singing Jim’s praises. She described him as a wonderfully unassuming man—quietly confident and always willing to plan their dates, taking the burden off her shoulders.

Their relationship blossomed, and a year later, they continue to thrive as a couple, going strong and enjoying each other’s company.