Misty River Introductions goes beyond simply matching potential singles. We prioritize your safety, offering guidance and coaching to ensure you connect with that special someone who could become your life partner.

Take Steve and Anna as a unique example! While I usually recommend avoiding cold, impersonal coffee shops and opting for a meal instead, they chose a coffee date for their first meeting against my advice.

Anna patiently waited for Steve from 10 am, and after waiting for half an hour, she decided to give him a call. He explained that he thought the meeting time was 10:30 am and was just arriving in the parking lot.

Their date began with a hint of humor as Anna started slightly annoyed. Surprisingly, they ended up spending 5 hours engrossed in conversation. When she later shared the story with her sister, the response was, “What! He didn’t take you for lunch?” But Anna explained that their conversation was so captivating that lunch wasn’t even on their minds.

Despite her initial annoyance, Anna found Steve incredibly charming. She mentioned that she had met several people before finding Steve. I reminded her that three meetings is our average before clients connect with someone they genuinely like.

In the end, Steve and Anna are now happily in love, proving that sometimes exceptions to the rule can lead to beautiful outcomes!