One of my favorite parts of being a matchmaker is working with seniors.  I love the thrill of having a client who thinks their chance of experiencing the excitement of new romance has passed them by.

I had two senior couples call in this morning to tell me they wanted to put their accounts on hold because they had just started new relationships.

Sadie told me about meeting Alex and how exciting their romance was.  She told me about how she had introduced him to her daughter and son in law and how well it went. When I indicated that I was surprised how fast that had happened, she told me “there are no flies on us”.  She said people at her age (eighty), tend to move faster than young people because they know what they want, and they talk about the more important things earlier on.  She told me how nice it was to “belong to a man”.  Even though I made a mental note that this wasn’t a very feminist feeling, I understood.  You are someone’s number one.  They have staked their claim and you feel wanted.

She giggled as she told me about their dates and plans for the future.  She said all her single friends were amazed by the nice men she was meeting and still talking on the phone with even though they weren’t in contention since she met Alex.

Love still feels the same whether you are 18 or 80.  I’m glad I could make a difference for this single lady in Toronto who took the chance on a matchmaker like me.