When at parties and social gatherings I tend to have a lot of people interested in what I do as a matchmaker.

Having worked as one for the last 26 years I wear a lot of hats.

My first order of business is to screen the people that come to me to make sure they have a reasonable chance of having a good outcome. We have about a 75% success rate but that drops if you take everybody as a client.

People who are still mourning their last relationship, those who have unrealistic ideas of who they should be matched with or don’t want to fully understand what we do don’t always make great clients. Our clients need to be looking for people that exist in large numbers in our database so we can match them on a weekly basis.

As we match people, we really need concrete feedback so we’re able to get closer and closer each time we match them.  No feedback is like shooting fish in barrel. If you’re working with a matchmaker providing detailed feedback is extremely helpful.  Did you find them attractive physically? If not, why? Do they seem too active, too sedentary, too conservative, too religious?  Do they still have children that are living at home?  Do they like activities you don’t enjoy?

Matchmaking is a very emotional business fraught with different “love languages” that sometimes need interpretation by someone with years of experience. That’s where I come in.  Coaching is a useful tool in any good matchmaker’s repertoire.  Sometimes it’s as simple as telling people what the next steps are after a good date.  Other times, it’s gently advising someone that it’s time to move on to a better prospect.

These are of just a couple of the things that fill my day as a matchmaker.