Summer is the perfect season to meet someone by using Misty River Introductions’ dating services. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and best of all- the beautiful weather doesn’t limit you to the “classic” dinner and a movie. Switch it up with your date activities! Why spend a sunny day confined indoors, when you and your date could be enjoying one of these great date ideas?


    There are few things more romantic than a picnic at the park. Choose a shaded area under a tree surrounded by the charm of nature. Bring a blanket and some snacks or a meal, and enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company. Think simple: bring fruit, crackers, and cheese. A picnic is a fun way of getting to know each other, as it does not involve too much pressure.

    Consider incorporating other activities into your picnic date such as a bike ride. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one at a local bike shop, or in some metropolitan areas you can find bike rental stations throughout the city. Take a ride around the surrounding park and then relax on your picnic blanket.


    This is a great alternative to going to the regular theatre. Many cities and small towns alike offer public outdoor screenings. Check your local events listing for dates and times. All you need is a blanket or some chairs and a snack!


    What better way to enjoy the summer weather than by spending a romantic day at the beach. Whether you go during the day or at night, your date is bound to be memorable. The beach offers a naturally picturesque setting – with the waves crashing in, the sand between your toes, and your love interest by your side. Take a mini road trip with your date and visit one of the many beaches Ontario has to offer. Let the sun warm you until sunset and then take a walk along the water as the sun goes down.


    Enjoy the beautiful landscape of a vineyard at sunset with your date. The scenery is romantic, yet casual. Take this as a chance to try new wine and food pairings. It is always fun to try new things with a date as it helps you form a bond.


    Dress up and experience something new together! Dancing is a great way to break the ice and get to know someone. Lose your inhibitions a little bit and get your hips moving!

Meet the right match thanks to a dating service like Misty River Introductions, then enjoy any (or all!) of these date ideas this summer.