Misty River Introductions - Blog - 4 Surefire Signs of First Date Success

01 Feb 4 Surefire Signs of First Date Success

There are tales of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad first dates all over the internet. We’ve all heard horror stories about the unrelenting texter, the mama’s boy, breaking into tears over an ex, being seethingly rude to the waitstaff, or faking a heart attack to escape a lame date. Maybe you’ve even experienced some awful first dates yourself. When you work with a professional matchmaking service like Misty River Introductions, get used to a different kind of date. Here are four surefire signs of first date success:

You Never Want it To End

We’ve all been on dates where we’re constantly sneaking glances at our watches or peeking to find a clock on the wall. Each second tick feel likes an eternity. Not so when you’re on a successful first date. Not only does the time fly by, you never want it to end. You find a reason to go for ice cream after dinner, and coffee after that, and a night cap after that. You never want to leave each other’s company, but don’t worry – date two and three and onward await!

The Conversation is Natural

Especially if you’re not a social butterfly, it can be hard to make conversation with a stranger on a first date. Fortunately, your matchmaker paired the both of you specifically because of your compatible needs, wants, goals, and desires. If you settle instantly into a groove and never run out of things to talk about, it’s a surefire sign of first date success. Whether you flit from topic to topic or have a deep conversation about the meaning of the universe, everything feels right.

You Feel Comfortable

When a date is going poorly, body language says a lot. You are stiff and tense or fidgety and awkward, you don’t want to make eye contact, and you overthink every minor movement. When you’re on a successful first date, both people are completely relaxed. You lock eyes during conversation, and maybe your knees even graze. If you end it all with a kiss at your doorstep, that’s a surefire sign.

You Bring Up the Future

Relax, we’re not talking about love and marriage and the baby carriage. “Oh, you’ve never been rock climbing? We should definitely go sometime!” “If you like this crème brûlée, you have to try the one at this restaurant in the market!” Even if you’re not making concrete plans for a second date, this is a sign that both of you picture seeing each other again and enjoying time together.

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